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Garage door springs tend to wear out within a couple of years, and after that, they need to be replaced with high-quality OEM parts. We provide high-quality garage door springs and replacement services. We are the Leading Garage Door Service with well over a decade of experience repairing and replacing garage door springs of all types.

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Professional Spring Replacement and Repairing Services

Garage doors have two main types of springs, and they both fail for different reasons. Torsion Springs tend to wear out after a couple of years. Extension springs, on the other hand, can break, but modern garage doors that use extension springs tend to wear out first before suddenly breaking. However, the failure of either one of these springs can cause the garage door to stop opening and closing. So, they need to be replaced immediately.

Quality and Professional Garage Door Spring Replacement Service

When a garage door spring breaks or is worn out, the only way to remedy the situation is to replace it. However, there are varying qualities of aftermarket springs. The low-quality ones are cheaper but don’t last as long. That’s why quality matters. We use springs that can last for upwards of 50,000 cycles, so you get years of service life from it.

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Faulty Spring Replacement Service

A couple of modern garage doors will use two springs to evenly distribute the weight of the door. So, when one spring fails, the other will too a little later. The extra spring just delays the inevitable. That’s why both springs need to be replaced so that the garage door can be protected from further damage.

Garage door springs come in varying sizes. It depends on the type of door they are meant to hold up. Steel doors, for instance, weigh more compared to heavier ones, so more robust springs will be needed to operate a steel door. To ensure that the right springs are used, we run a balance test to ensure that everything is working properly.

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If you think that the Garage Door Springs are wearing out or have failed, then call us right away. We will inspect the garage door and provide you with a quote for the job accordingly.

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